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  • MaxiView Conservation Corners 1-1/4", 250/Box

    Maxiview Corners

    Ideal corner for mounting photos, certificates or posters on mat board. Meets all conservation specifications. Made of 100% acid free archive-safe polypropylene. The corners have a permanent acrylic adhesive ... MORE INFO
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    as low as $25.90
  • PhotoGuard Page, 8" x 10"

    PhotoGuard™ Archival Photo Pages

    Made of 5 mil PVC-free polypropylene that won't yellow with age, and each edge is heat-sealed so there's no glue to migrate to photos. Your sensitive prints and negatives stay safely protected from harmful ... MORE INFO
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    Price: $17.55
  • Red Film/Print Marking Pen

    Film/Print Marking Pen

    These precision markers are ideal for all plastics and film. Quick-drying. Not water soluble.... MORE INFO
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    as low as $2.54
  • pH Testing Pen

    pH Testing Pen

    The pen contains Bromcresol Green, a chemical ink that changes color when applied to paper. If it turns yellow, the paper has a high acid content; green indicates there is some acid present; and blue ... MORE INFO
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    Price: $6.20
  • PEC-12 4 OZ.

    PEC-12 4 OZ.

    Remove Unwanted Marks!Get rid of grease, adhesive, pen and pencil marks from your film and prints.PEC-12: This Archival Photographic Emulsion Cleaner leaves no residue and does not contain ozone-depleting ... MORE INFO
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    Price: $19.75
  • White Cotton Gloves/Large

    Economical White Gloves

    Lightweight gloves are perfect for handling prints.Use when handling prints; not recommended for negatives and slides. 12 pairs/package ... MORE INFO
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    as low as $13.25
  • Mounting Corners 5/8", 100/pkg

    Photo Mounting Corners

    These archival-quality, 4mil. polyester corners are transparent, so they won't obscure the corners of your image. Self-sticking, 3M #415 Film Tape holds corners securely in place. Prescored for easy folding. ... MORE INFO
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    as low as $20.30
  • Deluxe White Gloves/Small- Single pair

    Deluxe White Gloves

    You'll really appreciate the feel of these durable, form-fitting gloves! Made of machine washable, heavyweight cotton. Use when handling prints, negatives, and slides.Sold as one pair.... MORE INFO
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    as low as $1.50
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