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Dear Valued Customer,

When the Library of Congress, the Getty Museum, the Smithsonian or the Metropolitan Museum of Art need film storage products, mat boards, frames or any number of other archival supplies, chances are they will call Light Impressions.

Established in 1969, Light Impressions offers the world's largest variety of fine archival storage, display and presentation materials for negatives, transparencies, CDs, photographs, artwork and documents. Light Impressions, considered to have set the standard for archival excellence throughout the world, utilizes print and on-line catalogs to market its products directly to individuals and businesses as well as to a glittering array of prominent cultural institutions and professional photographers.

The company's exclusive products are manufactured to exact specifications developed by a team of artists and archivists, collectors and conservationists, photographers and preservationists and ordinary people committed to providing the highest quality archival supplies. This highly-respected work force enables Light Impressions to offer its discerning clientele superb quality and expert technical assistance.