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  • Static Wisk 4" Brush

    Static Wisk®

    These soft brushes remove dust and static, while remaining perfectly safe to use on film, optics and other sensitive items. Made of a blend of natural goat hair and conductive fibers. Available in 2 sizes.... MORE INFO
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    Price: $38.35
  • Burnishing Bone

    Burnishing Bone

    No additional Product Info. listed.... MORE INFO
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    Price: $7.85
  • Econospace - 1/4", 60 ft (12 5-ft strips)

    Econospace® Spacers

    These pH neutral separators keep the glass from touching your artwork. Professional looking with a matte finish on one side and a glossy finish on the other allows you to display your choice.Hollow for ... MORE INFO
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  • Picture Wire, 30lbs., 625'

    Picture Wire, 30lbs., 625'

    Stainless steel wire is easy to wrap and handle. Softer than galvanized wire, plus it won't discolor or fray!... MORE INFO
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    Price: $53.99
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