Rotatrim Professional, Cut Length 18"

Item#: 7353

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This all-purpose cutter is great for trimming film, paper, and dry mount tissue to hairline precision.

Self-sharpening, tungsten steel cutting blade easily slices through a wide variety of materials up to 8-ply matboard (up to 1/8" thick). Features a clear plastic clamping strip to hold material in place, plus a double-steel tube suspension for accurate cuts every time. Perfect for cutting down oversized matboard sheets or photographic paper. Available in five different cut lengths. All units are 15" wide.Please allow additional shipping time.

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Item# Cut Length Cut Capacity (in.) Overall Length Price  
7353 18" 0.12 24" $508.45 ADD
7354 24" 0.12 30.6" $621.50 ADD
7356 36" 0.07 42.5" $903.95 ADD
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