Mats and Matboards

Let Light Impressions be your go-to resource for Mats and Matboards. Remember, all mats are not created equal!

  • We Worry About What You Can't See!
  • Extra protection Always Included!
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Choosing the right size ply

We offer mat boards in four thicknesses: 2-, 4-, 6-, and 8-ply!

  • 2-Ply
    Great for portfolio use where space is critical or as a backing board. (1/32" thick, 27.5pt.)
  • 4-Ply
    Creates adequate separation between your artwork and glazing. (1/16” thick, 55pt.)
  • 6-Ply
    Provides structural support and dramatic depth. (3/32” thick, 82.5 pt.)
  • 2-Ply Our premier matboard
    A window in 8-ply adds depth and drama to any image. Also ideal for larger photographs or artwork that need more structural support. (1/8” thick, 110pt.)

4 Questions To Ask When Buying A Mat

1. What Are You Matting?

All black-and-white prints and documents should be matted in buffered boards like the Westminster and Westminster DuoTone Cotton Rag Board, Museum Board and Exeter Conservation Board. Color prints, dye transfers, albumen prints, and textiles like wool and silk belong on non-buffered boards like our Westminster 100% Cotton Non-Buffered Rag Board (page 27).

2. How Valuable Is The Item You Are Matting?

Consider both the monetary and sentimental value of your art or photo. For an extremely valuable or irreplaceable piece, our Westminster 100% Cotton Rag Board and Westminster DuoTone are the premier choices. However, our Exeter Conservation Board (page 23) is an excellent and safe alternative at a budgetfriendly price.

3. How Much Cutting Do You Want To Do?

You'll save money with our matboard in full 32"x 40" sheets. But you may prefer the convenience of our Pre-Cut Exhibition Mats (cut with standard-sized window openings) or Standard-Cut Sheets (with no window opening). We can also custom cut board to your exact specifications. (See order form for details or search “Custom Mats" online.)

4. What Is The Size Of Your Photo or Artwork?

For mats up to 16" x 20", we recommend a 2-ply back with a 4-ply front. For mats up to and including 22" x 28", we recommend 4-ply for both front and back. Mats larger than 22" x 28" should have a 6- or 8-ply front and 4-ply back.