Storage Boxes

True-Core™ archive-safe boxes with uniform, acid-free and lignin-free protection in every layer (not just on the surface like other boxboards). Use our True-Core™ Boxboard Specifications to select the storage box to best fit your needs.

TrueCore™ Boxboard Specifications
Color Tan
Light-fast, non-bleeding
Pigment-based, light-fast
Finish Smooth plate finish on both sides 6 pt. black paper laminated on acid-free black core
Thickness .020, .040, and .060 .057 total
Sulfur Content Less than .0008% reducible sulfur Less than .0008% reducible sulfur
pH pH 8.5 to 10.0, buffered with calcium carbonate, 3% reserve pH 8.0 to 9.5, buffered with calcium carbonate,3% reserve
Board Material Acid- and lignin-free, high alpha-cellulose purified pulp, no alum sizing Acid- and lignin-free, 100% virgin fiber, high alpha-cellulose purified pulp
Photographic Activity Test Passes P.A.T., ANSI IT9.2 Passes P.A.T., ANSI IT9.2