Mat Cutters and Accessories

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  • Logan Compact Mat Cutter - Model #301-1

    Logan Compact Mat Cutter

    Clean, precise cuts are now easier than ever. Improved system features parallel mat guide, guide rail, bevel-cutting head and model #301 mat knife. Plus free setup and instructional DVD, that includes ... MORE INFO
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    Price: $98.00
  • Burnishing Bone

    Burnishing Bone

    No additional Product Info. listed.... MORE INFO
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    Price: $7.85
  • Dexter #3 Blades, 5/package

    Dexter Cutters

    Replacement blades for the Dexter Mat Cutter... MORE INFO
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    as low as $3.65

    Fletcher Cutters

    The Fletcher 2200 makes straight and beveled cuts with precision and accuracy. Handles, knobs and scales are ergonomically designed for optimal performance. Squaring blocks make it easy to adjust the ... MORE INFO
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    Price: $185.00
  • Logan Blades #492, 5/Pkg

    Portable Foamboard Cutter

    This push style, fixed-blade cutter can be used against our metal straight edge. Reversible,it cuts 90 with an adjustable blade depth up to 3/8". Designed for a sure grip, it's perfect for downsizing ... MORE INFO
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    as low as $3.90
  • Logan Blades 100/Pkg

    Logan Blades

    When your blade is not cutting as smoothly as before. It is time to buy a fresh set of new blades.Item 2325 fits Logan Cutters #301-S, #450 and #750.Item 9125 fits Logan Cutter #650.100 per box... MORE INFO
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    as low as $25.90
  • Logan Framer's Edge Mat Cutter - Model #650

    Logan Framer's Edge Mat Cutter

    Accommodates projects of all sizes, even high-volume work. Easy-to-use, 8" movable production stops that allow cutting w/out marking the mat; pinpoint accuracy on line-to-line cutting; & a fully-scaled ... MORE INFO
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    Price: $836.20
  • Logan Simplex Plus Mat Cutter - Model #750

    Logan Simplex Plus Mat Cutter - Model #750

    This improved version of the popular Simplex #700SGM offers many of the features found only on top-of-the-line cutters. Uses Logan #270 blade (5 included) Features: 40 inch base cutting area dual guide-rail ... MORE INFO
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    Price: $295.00
  • Replacement Blade Assembly

    Dahle Trimmers

    Replacement blade for item Dahle #550 Paper and Photo Trimmer (item # 10188, sold separately). Limited quantity. For model #550/552/554... MORE INFO
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    Price: $59.95
  • Rotatrim Professional, Cut Length 18"

    Rotatrim Cutters

    This all-purpose cutter is great for trimming film, paper, and dry mount tissue to hairline precision. Self-sharpening, tungsten steel cutting blade easily slices through a wide variety of materials up ... MORE INFO
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    as low as $508.45
  • Self-Healing Cutting Base, 24" x 36"

    Self-Healing Cutting Base, 24" x 36"

    This is the best cutting surface you will ever use! Try it once, and you will never want to be without it! The amazing self-healing material lasts for years. The Translucent version is perfect for light ... MORE INFO
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    Price: $45.15
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Mat Cutters & Accessories