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  • TransView™ Slide Sleeves

    TransView™ Slide Sleeves

    Protect slides against dust and fingerprints. These 2" x 2" clear archival grade polyester sleeves are open on two sides. They fit 35mm slides snugly and will not tear easily. 100/pkg - Limited quantity... MORE INFO
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    Price: $9.00
  • Gepe Slide Mounting Press

    Gepe Slide Mounting Press

    The built-in light source ensures you precise slide positioning every time. Includes specially-designed tweezers to slip transparency in place. Use with Gepe glass or glassless mounts. Requires AA batteries ... MORE INFO
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    Price: $90.35
  • Slotted TransView™ Window Mat

    Slotted TransView™ Window Mat

    Designed to hold 35mm formats. Well-constructed and durable 120pt. mounting board with slotted windows to hold work firmly in place.Position images horizontally or vertically using the window masks (included) ... MORE INFO
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    Price: $17.25
  • Wess Mounts - Full Frame, Black/Glassless  (50/pkg)

    Wess Mounts - Full Frame, Black/Glassless (50/pkg)

    The hinged cover and snap-lock design make it easy to mount (and re-mount) your 35mm slides. The thermoplastic surface ensures dimensional stability during projection. The anti-Newton glassless fits 80-capacity ... MORE INFO
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    Price: $24.95
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